How to Change a Tire
1. Make sure you have a safe
place to work. If on a road,
turn your hazard lights on.

2. Put the parking brake on.

3. Using a jack, raise the car
until it is supporting (not
lifting) the car.

4. Remove the hub cab and
loosen (don't remove) the lug
nuts by turning counter

5. Making sure the car is
stable, pump or crank the
jack to lift the tire off the

6. Remove the lug nuts
completely (turning counter

7. Remove the tire.

8. Place the spare tire on the
hub and replace and tighten
the lug nuts completely.

9. Lower the car to the
ground most of the way and
tighten the lug nuts again.

10. Lower the car completely,
remove the jack, and tighten
the lug nuts again.

11. Safe to drive but your first
stop should be a gas station
to make certain your tire has
the correct amount of air in it.
Your second stop should be
to an auto repair business
because your spare tire is
likely not designed for
extended use. A new tire is
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