A commercial auto
insurance policy serves as
protection against liability
for bodily injury and
property damage relative to
your ownership,
maintenance, or use of
vehicles involved in doing
business. North Carolina
commercial auto insurance
also includes attorney fees,
court costs and payment to
the injured person. Trucks,
certain motorized
equipment, buses,
limousines, and many
types of vehicles can all be
afforded coverage, in
addition to the standard car
or delivery van. Your North
Carolina business may also
need "non-owned and
hired" auto liability
coverage for vehicles your
employees use or that you
rent or borrow.
If your North Carolina
business owns more than
five vehicles, it can be
considered a "fleet" and is
eligible to receive a volume
discount or special
commercial auto insurance
rate consideration. Keeping
your active drivers list clean
of violations and accidents
will also reduce your North
Carolina commercial auto
insurance costs.
Utilizing a responsible
maintenance program,
carrying claims kits in all
vehicles and taking part in
professional driver training
programs have proven to
reduce losses for North
Carolina small businesses.
We monitor our client
satisfaction by closely
reviewing your account and
making necessary
recommendations to
guarantee proper coverage
is in place.
North Carolina Commercial
Auto Insurance Services
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