North Carolina Builders Risk Insurance (Cary, NC Area)
North Carolina builders risk insurance provides coverage for buildings
that are under construction. The construction can be new, a remodel,
or repair. Coverage includes materials at the work site before they are
installed, any materials intended for the work site that are in transit, and
the value of the new, remodeled, or repaired property being built until
it's completed and the owner accepts the work.
North Carolina builders risk insurance coverage can also be purchased
for specific home improvement projects such as a new room addition,
a deck or a remodeled kitchen.
Those who should seriously consider purchasing North Carolina
builders risk insurance include general contractors, subcontractors,
home builders, home renovators, real estate developers, building
owners, colleges and universities, and municipalities.
A Cary, North Carolina area builders risk insurance policy includes
perils such as theft, vandalism, fire, wind storm, lightning, and hail.
Most policies offer limited coverage for collapse. Standard exclusions
include earthquake, flood, weather damage to property in the open,
water damage, employee theft, mechanical breakdown, war,
government action, contract penalty, and voluntary parting. Another
important exclusion is for damage resulting from faulty design,
planning, workmanship and materials. North Carolina builders risk
insurance is meant to offer coverage for accidental events and not for
poor construction. Earthquake and flood coverage can usually be
added to the policy for an additional cost.
Who Is Insured
The named insured of a North Carolina builders risk insurance policy is usually the contractor or
developer of the property. However, it may be the building owner or homeowner if they are
responsible for insuring the property while under construction, particularly when the construction is
a remodel or repair. A mortgagee or lien holder may be added as an additional insured.
Ed Moore & Associates has the experience to analyze and recommend the correct builders risk
insurance coverage for your North Carolina business. Our strong relationships with insurers results
in direct cost savings for our clients.
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Builders Risk
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