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Within the last 10 years have you
or any person to be insured been
aware of, diagnosed and /or been
treated by a member of the medical
profession for: heart disease or
disorder, stroke, cancer, diabetes,
drug or alcohol dependency, mental
disorder, emphysema, airway or
pulmonary disease, crohn's disease
or ulcerative colitis, nervous system
disorder, liver disorder, kidney
disorder, crippling or disabling
arthritis, spinal disc disease,
knee or hip disorders?

If Yes, please list serious health
problem(s) below:

During the last 10 years have you
or any person to be insured been
diagnosed by a member of the
medical profession as having
Acquired Immune Deficiency
Syndrome (AIDS) or AIDS related
complex (ARC) or tested positive
for HIV?

Have you or any person to be
insured been hospitalized within
the past 12 month, due to be so
confined or been disabled for
more than 5 days within the
past 12 months?

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